Your host, Perry Munro, has been a Nova Scotia Master Guide for over thirty years. He has fished and guided in numerous locations across North America and has used this experience to offer a varied approach to his home water. Perry is proficient with bait casters, spinning and fly rods, but, as a matter of his preference only, it’s hard to beat top water action on a fly rod. If you do not have fishing equipment, it is available and instruction will be provided. Perry also writes articles on angling and the environment, complete with his own photographs and artwork. All you need is the desire to have great time fishing!

Imagine….just minutes away, a day on the water, a wilderness lake, the haunting cry of a loon, and fish……

We deal in dreams… on wilderness lakes where wildlife abounds and there is no one else in sight…peace and tranquility, mixed with the surge of excitement when a fish is on your line.

We also fish the Minas Basin on the Bay of Fundy. This body of water has the highest tides in the world. The main fish pursued is the striped bass with fly and casting. It is interesting to see the dykes and historic sites from the water so it has many attractions.

We also deal in reality….all of the above without the expense of flying into an isolated northern retreat.


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