For the past 35 years, Judi and Perry Munro have lived in Black River on the South Mountain of Kings County, Nova Scotia, offering a variety of activities for people who, like themselves, share a love and passion for the outdoors.

In spring they offer their ever-popular maple syrup tours. Visit the sugar shack and discover how maple syrup is made; visit the rustic lodge for a meal of pancakes, sausages, baked beans, and fresh baked brown bread; you’ll also be entertained with live music, sleigh rides and taffy on the snow. While you are there, visit their gallery where paintings, wood sculptures, quilted wall hangings, baskets, and maple syrup are available.

When the sap stops flowing, around the middle of April, the activities change and thoughts turn to fishing. Anglers are invited to fish in lakes and streams that abound with wildlife. For the avid angler or the beginner there are trout, shad, Smallmouth bass, Striped bass and pickerel; depending upon the season.

Non-anglers will enjoy the wildlife and scenery. If you wish, you can be dropped off at a remote lakeside camp on Little River Lake to enjoy the peace and tranquility of a log cabin nestled in a climatic forest. The ecology of this lake is extremely diverse. There are many varieties of wild orchids, cotton grass, cranberries and cardinal flowers, to name a few. Species of birds include loons, ducks, eagles, kingfishers, and many more


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